Now you can check the Project map.
A new albums have been uploaded.
We had some problems with uploading things, so sorry for being inactive.
A new album has been uploaded.
2 new presentations are available, and now you can read about Želiezovce, Easter and Carnival in the project menu
Streaming Videos
Now forget that Sims video, from this time you can enjoy 2 videos, our "Xmas Program" and "Making Corn Husk Dolls". Have fun!
Streaming News
We have created a new menu on the left called Presentations, and as its name says here you can find at this time 3 presentations. The Project page has been updated too - Average Slovak Family. Let's check them.
Christmas in Slovakia
Celebrating Chrismas varies from country to country, now you can read how we celebrate.
Christmas Cooking
Hungarian people have both Hungarian and Slovak traditions, and this effect can be found in our eating habbits. If you want to get to know what we eat at Xmas, click on the Project button, then choose "Christmas Cooking".
Christmas Tree Decorating
I love Xmas, and I think I'm not alone. Every year in December we decorate a tree in our school, and we have taken some photos about the latest one. You can find it in the Gallery or just click on the album underneath.

Christmas Tree Decorating

Pictures about the Dülken journey
In October we had an exciting journey to Dülken, and now you can see the pictures about it in our gallery's album named "16 - 21 October 2011 Dülken". Have fun!