I did a mapping on the customs of having breakfast among teenagers. I asked ten people about their breakfast on weekdays and at the weekend.


On weekdays seven of ten have the first meal of the day at home. They usually eat muesli with milk or yoghurt and drink tea or coffee. Three of ten have no breakfast at all.

A lot of them have elevenses at the school, too.
Typically they have sandwiches, bread and butter, croissant with ham and hot dog.
The most favourite foods are hamburger, gyros and pizza.
They mostly drink mineral water, tea, juice and cola.
They like sweets as well, for example chocolate or biscuit. Somehow, to my great surprise, these teenagers don’t like fruits and vegetables.

At the weekend all of them have a late breakfast, because they wake up much later than on weekdays.

A typical weekend breakfast is brioche or bread with butter and tea or cocoa.

There are two youngsters of ten who don’t have breakfast at all at the weekend, because they wake up at noon and start the day with lunch.


My grandma was a member of a big family in the sixties. She has had three sisters and one brother. They lived in a long peasant house in a big village not so far to Zselíz. They usually ate simple country meal depending on the season.

During the spring-time they ate more vegetable, such as green salad, vegetable dish – pea, bean and sorrel.

During the summer-time they ate more fruit, for example strawberry, raspberry, cherry, blackberry, plum and apple. They prepared from them delicious boiled fruit and jam for winter-time.

The poultry were cut down until late autumn, so they ate more white meat in the summer-time.
In winter they ate more pork. After the pig-killing they consumed the greater part of the meat immediately, the rest was given to the relations. That time they consumed more goat meat and rabbit meat as well.
Nut was always on their menu, it’s a typical fruit in our region.

Typical menu for a lunch was: chicken soup and fried chicken with potatoes and sauerkraut or cucumber.




















 The ingredients of the chicken soup are water, meat, carrot, onion, salt, potatoes, spice,

 parsley and noodles.




The ingredients of the fried chicken are chicken meat, flour, salt, egg, milk, bread-crumbs

and potatoes with parsley..

As a dessert they had several sorts of cakes or pancake.























            The ingredients of the cake are eggs, sugar, flour, cocoa, butter and chocolate.

They mainly drank only fresh water, sometimes lemonade. Their grandmother often prepared a black tea with sugar for them.

 Lunch was served at noon in general. But typically they didn’t eat together on weekdays, the kids came home from the school at different time.

They always had a lunch together on Sundays. The Sunday lunch was served after the Mass.



I asked my mum what she ate for dinner when she was a little girl. Her name is Berek Erzsébet and she is 42 years old. She lives in Nagyölved. I asked her about her childhood and she was full of nostalgia for those old things.

- Hi, mum.
- Hi.
- I would like to know what you ate when you were a child.
- Oh, it was different.
- What do you mean by saying that?
- On weekdays I mostly had  lunch at  school. My parents always had  lunch at home, so many times happened that we dined the remains of the lunch. But I didn’t like those kind of meals.
- Why?
- I don’t know. I preferred simpler foods.
- For example?
- I liked very much puddings prepared by my mum. There were different types of them, such as chocolate, vanilla and raspberry ones.
- Was there anything which you didn’t like?
- Yes, of course. I hated sausages. My dad liked it very much, but for me it was very smelly. I didn’t eat any vegetable dish, but nowadays the spinach dish is my favourite.
- And what was your favourite meal at that time?
- A really splendid meal for me was grilled chicken with rice and boiled peach or cherry. My brother and me loved it so much.
- Could you tell me, please, the recipe for the grilled chicken?
- Your grandmother has the know-how, but I can tell you the ingredients of this food.
 These are: a whole cleaned chicken, butter, oil, spice mixture, rice and peach or cherry.
- And what did your drink?
- I preferred juice or lemonade to tea or mineral water.
- OK. And when was your dinner time?
- Usually at 5 or 6, not later.
- Thank you very much for this nice interview.

Nowadays these meals are popular as well and my sister and me enjoy them very much, too.
























The ingredients of the grilled chicken are: chicken meat, butter, oil, spice mixture, rice, boiled peach.