I asked my teacher of informatics about computers ´and Internet use at school.

  • What kinds of computers are used at school?

There are personal computers of older type and several new notebooks. These PCs are running under an operating system Windows XP or Windows Vista. The notebooks work at operating system Windows 7.


  • How many computers do we have and are used at school? 

There is a notebook in each classroom. 15 PCs are used by students in our special classroom of informatics. The secretariat has PCs and notebooks as well.


  • Which sites are not open for students?


Facebook, Youtube, different sorts of chat sites and games are not permitted at school at all. The reason why it’s done is easy to be understood.


  • Are there any other prohibitions according to usage?


Of course! Special software is used in our internal network not allowing to access certain type of websites by students.


  • How are computer and Internet used in the teaching process?


Since we have a notebook and projector in each classroom, teachers use them for their own presentation of the new subject with great pleasure. The students like and enjoy it very much. Somehow it is more attractive and spectacular for them than other traditional methods. Sometimes their homeworks are shown in such a manner that is via notebook and projector.



 TV, Internet and mobile phone



I asked my teenager friends and acquaintances about their customs of

watching TV.


Nowadays there is a huge variety of programmes one can select from.

The most popular channels among the boys are scientific, travel, sports and film


The girls prefer music, fashion and cooking channels and all kind of serials.

In childhood, naturally, the cartoons were the great favourites.


I think TV opens up the world for people who are not able to travel.

In addition, it offers possibilities for education, and is a cheap source of information

and entertainment.

In a sense the world becomes a “global village”: you will know at once about

whatever happens in any corner of the world.


On the other hand the box is said to dominate people’s home lives completely:

there is no time to talk to each other, for hobbies and other outside amusement.

Of course, one has to find the balance among these things. The on-off button is

always at hand.


At present the Internet is the much largest source of information and entertainment,

mainly among young people.

The PCs brought the Internet to homes. But the customs has changed by the appearance

of laptops, smart phones and tablets. So many people can simply access the Internet

on the way, not necessarily at home.


Sending short messages, taking photos and listening music are also parts of the usage

of these new technical equipments.


Social networks also have huge popularity among youngsters. For example, Facebook

as a greatest one has become the third greatest “country” after China and India.


Unfortunately, we digital natives are almost “lost” without our own smart phone …